Visual Artist and Web Designer. I design, build and run websites and interactive things since 2007. Based in St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Coding systems in your browser, trying to combine the art of creating something from nothing with the business of shaping content on the web.

I also make images and visualize data for individuals, agencies and businesses in art, advertising, design, fashion, finance, media, music. I work with great artists, the laziest homies, yung economists, evil mathematicians, ex storytellers, fashion hustlers, imaginary audiences, oldskool programmers, mean project managers, executive scope creepers, photoshop bitches, underground wizards and angry photographers.

Selected clients: Addie Wagenknecht, Atalanta Advertising, Birkhäuser+GBC, Boutique ROMA, Communications of the ACM, Eliane Bachenheimer Public Relations, Esquire Magazine Russia, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Five to Nine, Heilsarmee, Immersive, Insomnia Festival, Jung von Matt, Klangforscher, Lunchgate, Manual Creative, Marc Tamschick, Merz Akademie, Movement Masterclass, Patrick Rohr Kommunikation, Rufener Events, Ruth Erdt, Sceen Magazine, Taktil Software GmbH, The Pool Communications Consulting, Viktor Giacobbo, Weilanders, Dr. Joel Luc Cachelin’s Wissensfabrik, Wondros, Patrick Rohr Kommunikation, Moritz Tobler.

Wir sind im Moment einfach mega stolz auf unsere Seite und glücklich, dass sie steht.

invoice was also paid a few days ago. I’ll let you know when the whitney has the piece live <3

oh the cam version is A+++++

So sorry to bother you, I won’t be able to access a computer. We may have one more coming.

Sollte sich jemand dazu entscheiden, dass das Thema doch zu anspruchsvoll ist, bitte bei Leander abmelden und mich informieren und am Semesterprojekt arbeiten.

langsam kommt es wirklich sehr sehr gut. das konzept stimmt und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass das andere nicht auch cool finden?

sehr geil! danke!!

Bin imemr noch nicht im Näscht, finde es zu spannend, an der Seite zu bauen…

ah es läuft ja schon! juhu

Leander!!! This is wild!

Or do you want to just get started on some experiments?

with the above information, what might you want to experiment with that could help us?

Great! Big box checked tonight! Please get some sleep… & thank you so so so so so much for working so hard on this am beyond grateful.

Das Herzklopfen kommt wieder mit jedem Mal, wo ich die Seite aufmache.

uhhhh sieht fresh aus!

a piece of software with parameters we could play with

immer noch sehr zufrieden und bekomme auch gutes Feedback dafür

Master Level Digger

Please never stop doing what you’re doing so far.

yeah i started hallucinating pretty fast

Man, these are so fucking good.

too much precision? 5 sig figs is probably wasted on most displays.

I feel an interesting beauty on your works

I think I just found a new background image for my phone.

Great colours.

Those are beautiful

the gradients really sell it

love those colors!

love this style

whatever is going on there, it looks rad

next level

I should just set up a bot to like all your posts :)

super nice! WebGL?

Woah…I love this!

*keepin’ an eye on it.

dude that’s awesome!


D3 on another level.

looking sweet!

that’s beautiful!

Seriously! These are beautiful.

so amazing!

looking good!


your svg flipper has us intrigued!

in which purpose? Terribly awesome!

what sort of sorcery is this!?

84 Born in Zürich
03 Gestalterischer Vorkurs St.Gallen
05 Visual Communication Institute/The Basel School of Design Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW
06 HyperWerk Institute for Postindustrial Design Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW
09 Freelance Flash Developer
10 Creative Frontend Developer at various agencies
13 Independent Webdesigner / Artist
17 Interaction Developer at HV Italic

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I need new visuals

I need to see my data

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I need a drink